He is afraid.

I want to get some air.

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I'll vote for Tran, of course.

Which table?

You aren't our friend.

Whichever wins, I'll be happy.

She can play the piano very well.

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How long have you been living out of a suitcase?

They already got married.

As the boat sailed on westwards, the captain looked back at how far they had come, and felt a tear prick the corner of his eye.


Would that be nice?

I take vitamins every day.

He is likely to come.

They carried on talking even after the teacher came in.

That is simply not true.

We're going out for lunch. Do you want to come, too?

I have almost three thousand dollars in my safe.

The news is creating a stir.

She writes to him every week.

This is where you are mistaken.

I guess you have changed a lot. I imagine what kind of beautiful young lady you've become...


It's been one step forward and two steps back with Mats's health lately.


You can't use this washing machine.


The house was undermined by the flood.

I got up an hour ago and in the meantime I've brushed my teeth, washed and shaved myself and done my morning gymnastics.

Spike wants to buy an eight-track player to put in the car his grandmother gave him.

Naturally he accepted the invitation.

Refreshments will be sold.

Lenora took his girlfriend out on Saturday night.

Do you only have this bag with you?


I owe Claude some money and must pay her back by next Monday.


I hope to see you again before long.

I think I've forgotten something.

Jagath made a robot.

Do you have a retirement plan?

Nothing is darker than a black hole.

I agree with everything Rodney said.

Kees doesn't like men who talk a lot about themselves like Max.


According to legend, those woods used to be haunted, so people would avoid entering.

I loved the book.

I'm glad it wasn't me.

Timothy is married to a dentist.

Per has hidden superpowers.

She made fun of my acne.

I never go downtown nowadays.

It is easy for me to answer the question.

The sooner, the better.


Why are you learning English?

Could you hang up the laundry?

They're the only ones Kathy can trust.

He seldom, if ever, goes to the movies.

That was foreseeable.


Piercarlo fooled me.

It seems that he is very busy today.

You'll be one of us soon.

Use it as a body cream when you get out of the shower.

A strong wind began to set in.

Please let the captured birds go.

How much do you make a month?

Why is the table so wobbly?

You've defeated them.


She went out with her dog.


The people look like trash from here.


Fear of serious injury cannot alone justify suppression of free speech and assembly. Men feared witches and burnt women. It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears.


She lost her favorite sweatshirt.

Hearing the news they all cried for joy.

Would you like to sit at the counter?

Craig didn't bring the matter up at the meeting this morning.

Leonard is regretful.

Hienz set a drink in front of Darin.

The shop is opposite the bank.


A man is more or less what he looks like.

Sadly, my father no longer belongs to the group.

The yield on the bond is 6%.

I've always found Tinker Bell very sexy.

Pratapwant may have lied to us.

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Machida is an interesting city that's a mix of the old and the new.


You don't look like a weightlifter.

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What language do you use when you talk with your parents?


I think she's an honest woman.

She has completely recovered from her illness.

I'm down here.


I'm charging this amount to your bill.

Lee was impressed with how well Rajiv could speak French.

My wife is Palestinian.


Who do you work for?

What is the best way to put an end to the war?

Who stopped?

Margot hates it.

Do you know how beautiful you are?

How can I turn down the air conditioner?

I won't see him anymore.

It takes olympic strength to do this.

Do you live in America?


I like Alpine skiing better than Nordic skiing.

All right. How many?

I have a feeling that I have been here before.

Matthieu is the best tennis player I know.

He was dismissed on the grounds that he was lazy.


I have to talk to somebody.

I don't want to talk about it now.

Are you going to open the envelope?

I was always different.

Sandra eats nothing but fruit.


It fits perfectly.

He came in company with his mother.

Let me grab my coat.

She carried that habit to her grave.

He made a good impression.

Can we get copies of this?

I see your little book.

You really hurt him.

I think Rodent is fussy.

Her birthday party will be tomorrow evening.

Charles was celebrating.

You've seen what we can do.

We admire you.

He fulfilled the functions of a statesman.

My letters haven't been sent yet.

Why are you drinking Darryl's juice?

There was something.

A peplum top paired with cigarette trousers is a chic, modern look a girl can wear just about anywhere.

Let's order a smaller pizza next time.


He is an active person.

It's simply beautiful.

Don't underestimate me. I might look cute and innocent but if it comes down to it, I'll bitch-slap you to death.

I entered a speech contest.

So let us begin.

It warrants your attention.

If you want to earn money, America is the best.

That dog tries to eat just about anything he lays his eyes on.

Shut up!

I told Izchak a lot of things I shouldn't have.

Where's the nearest library?

The bread was moldy, but Gregg ate it anyway.

You were late for work.

He did it for himself, not for me.

Marshall and Michiel are already there.

The royal navy of England hath ever been its greatest defense and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of our island.

That was unrealistic.


Alofi is the capital of Niue, and its population is about 580 people.


She's talking to herself.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to have any part in this.

I love the way you surprise me.

He tasted the cheesecake.

We discussed the topic at length.


I can't work for you anymore.

I'm meeting him in ten minutes.

Suzanne didn't say anything about why he was late.

Those people are true experts in the counterfeit of illegal things.

He is eager for a chance to study abroad.

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The boy cannot keep quiet for ten minutes.

Is Marco going to die?

He's a labourer on a riverboat.

I wouldn't mind answering a few questions.

Ramadoss looked in the rearview mirror.

May I have a program?

Although he's young, he has a grey beard.

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I was revived by a glass of water.

No one will go through this door as long as I live.

I got sick riding the roller coaster with the loop-the-loop.

Do you want me to make the decision for you?

I'm here to help.


There must be some way we can fix this.

There is every reason to doubt that it is true.

I don't want you going out with Phil.

Prices have been stable for the past three years.

Are they busy?